How many winners will be selected?

Up to twelve trips will be realized.


Why should I share my entry with others on this site?

Your story might inspire someone.


Can I propose a trip to Alaska or Hawaii?

Yes, we are looking at the 50 states.


How are the winners determined?

Curator Catharina Manchanda and artist Nancy Hwang will review submissions and arrive at a consensus to award trips for the most compelling proposals.


What kind of stories are you looking for, Nancy?

I’m willing to go almost anywhere. Whether it’s a canyon, a skyscraper, a special person, a special event or a pulled pork sandwich that’s calling you, the important part for me is why that call is important to you.


Can I submit an entry if I know you, Nancy?

Of course not. That would compromise the integrity of the contest. That said, I (along with many others) would still love to read your story, and nothing prevents us from taking a trip together outside of this project… in 2021 or later.